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you want it we got! ( or we can make it custom)!!!!

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Hemp Request

We make hand-made hemp jewelry. We will post pictures of necklaces already made that you can purchase or you can request a custom made hemp necklace at no extra charge. They are all 100% natural hemp and are very unique. Great for gifts or for yourself!


There are three ways you can customize your hemp jewelry!
First you can chose the length. It can be made into a necklace, anklet, or bracelet.
Second pick what style of knot you would like. The two types of knots that we do are spyral and flat. Both work very well.

Lastly you choose the charms or beads you could like on the hemp. We have a selection you can choose from or you can request a charm or bead that we can find for you. If you already have a bead or charm in mind you can send it to us and well make it!


Necklaces start at $10. Bracelets start at $8. Anklets start at $8. Please include a $2 shipping fee for united states. Overseas shipping will be a little bit more.

We accept money orders, personal checks, and well conceald cash (at your own risk!)